The Task

Establish a growing church in Worcester for the glory of God and the good of the city.

A Growing Church: We partner with God in founding a church embedded in Worcester that is marked by a historic Christianity, deepening spirituality and expanding ministry. Through our dynamic experience of the grace and truth of God we will increasingly know and resemble our savior Jesus. As we grow together in depth, the breadth of our ministry will expand as God draws many to himself, provides new avenues of service to the city, and leads us to establish likeminded churches.

For the Glory of God: Instead of directing attention to ourselves our aim as a church is to point towards the beauty and majesty of God. Through the worship of the church, lives renewed by God’s mercy and practical service to Worcester we will display the love, wisdom and power of God.

For the Good of the City: The love of God leads us to love the city and actively participate in its life. With the diverse peoples of Worcester we will seek the social, cultural, and spiritual flourishing of the city. While we are committed to the progress of the gospel regionally and globally, God’s renewing work in Worcester will be our primary goal and the means through which we will bless our region and global community.

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