Almost a year ago the leadership of Trinity Presbyterian Church asked Jarrett to serve with them as a church planting fellow.  As a church planting fellow Jarrett has explored his calling towards church planting, grown through training, and helped Trinity lay plans for beginning a new congregation.  Through this process God has confirmed our growing desire to serve him in church planting and is leading us to begin a new church in Worcester, MA which is forty-five minutes from Providence.   To learn more about the research, growth etc. of fellowship, check out these blog posts: The Spectrum, Understanding, Blue Collar, Confirmation, Giving it Away.

Rational for beginning new churches

The Biblical Precedent:  In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus departs from this earth, saying commanding his followers  make disciples of Jesus and see these new Christians incorporated into a church for their continued growth and service to Christ.  In the earliest records of the Christian Church the disciples of Jesus follow this strategy, proclaiming the good news of Jesus, baptizing converts, and organizing them into churches.

The Practical necessity: In the highly secular climate of New England the journey towards faith in Christ is rarely straight forward.  There is a deep need for ongoing relationships with a Christian community in which the gospel can be taught, believed, and obeyed.  New churches more effectively provide for such opportunities among the unchurched and emerging populations of characteristic of Worcester.

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