(L-R: Briana, Hillary, Wesley and Jarrett Allebach)

Like much of our experience following Jesus, God’s calling on our family to enter church planting did not follow a straightforward path.  Raised in the North East, we met and were married in St. Louis nearly eight years ago.  When we came to serve at Christ Community PCA in central Connecticut it felt like coming home.  Through our five years there God blessed us with our two children, and filled us with a growing love for New England. We had the sense that God wanted us to serve here but it took Jarrett being laid off, two years of “under-employment,” and God shutting multiple doors for us to grasp his call to enter church planting.

The open door came through a one year fellowship program with Trinity Presbyterian Church in Providence, RI.  Trinity PCA began in Providence in the late 90’s with a commitment to planting other churches.  The first daughter church, Christ our Hope, was planted in the southern Rhode Island in 2003.  Through Jarrett’s church planting fellowship with Trinity, God has confirmed our growing desire to serve him in this great region through planting a church in Worcester, MA.

Beyond our general concern for New England and aptitude for ministry in this cultural setting, there are specific elements of ministry in Worcester for which we are well suited and passionate.  In the achievement oriented culture of central Connecticut we effectively built bridges, discipled and evangelized those with educational and professional attainment. Jarrett also ministered to his blue collar coworkers during his time in landscaping and helped individuals from Latino and African backgrounds enter and serve within the church.  Jarrett’s passion for the arts, sciences, and outdoors resonates with unique opportunities in Worcester.  Over the past nine years of being connected to cities we’ve grown in our love for urban environments.  We are excited for this next opportunity to minister in Worcester, engaging its people and culture with the gospel.

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