Finding a name

In an earlier post I described the approach we were taking to land on a church name.  As different people from our group shared a list of potential church names with friends and associates church names that included “grace” were at the top of the list.  And so we narrowed it down to a few (Grace Redeemer, Grace Community, Grace Presbyterian) and ended up going with Grace Presbyterian Church of Worcester.    Here’s what we liked…

1.  Grace is central to who we strive to be as a church and resonates with our community.
2.  Having grace in the name can be a great bridge to talking about the essential feature of the Christian gospel (a gift we don’t deserve, given at God’s expense)
3.  Presbyterian is part of our identity and the combo of “Christian term,”+ “denominational affiliation,” + “church” is very common in Worcester.  In a place where anything that isn’t Catholic is somewhat suspect, the more classic pattern name fits the mould and helps provide credibility .
4.  It is our prayer that this church in Worcester will be around for a while and the danger of choosing a super hip or trendy name is that a decade or two down the road it could easily be passé.  While Grace Presbyterian will never be cutting edge, it also has staying power.
5.  There are all sorts of ways to abbreviate it.

While none of these might be sufficient in and of itself (especially #5) these reasons seem to come together quite well and at some point you need to choose.  So, like many of the other decisions ahead of us, here we go.

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