A look at the blueprints

VennI’m often asked how you go about starting a new church.  There are a variety of strategies, all with inherent strengths and weaknesses.  Here’s a little bit about our approach.

The tagline is, “deliberate, supernatural, and together.”  This helps me remember that we’re taking a steady pace that incorporates wise and strategic planning.  Second, we want to lean on the supernatural so that our work is bathed in prayer and set up to fail if God does not act.  Third, this new church comes from the efforts of many and arises from cooperation.

In terms of plans, the venn diagram says it all.  We’ll start with a ministry team from our church in Providence (Trinity) which is committed to helping us establish a new church.  Some of these people will help from a distance while others will be “boots on the ground” and help form a core group, along with people in Worcester.  This core group will meet together studying the bible, praying together, and sharing our stories.  We’ll work to develop a sense of identity (who God wants us to be) and a sense of destiny (who God wants us to reach) which, within biblical parameters, will give shape to the church.  As a core group we’ll reach out to friends and neighbors, serve the city, train for servant leadership, and develop the infrastructure of the future church.  From this core group a launch team will arise who is committed to the direction we are taking, marked by a willingness to serve, and demonstrates an outward mindset.  This launch team will take responsibility to begin worship services and other “public ministries.”  From this a new church will form.

As you can see from the overlapping circles there is a sense of progression and refinement over time, but in the same vein there is transition and change that is also built in.  Different people will participate for a season and others through it all.  There’s more to say but this gives the basics.

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