1,070 miles later

So everyone, I am terribly behind on the blogging for this week.  In the past six days though I’ve driven a little over a thousand miles so it is understandable that I’m a little disoriented and behind schedule.   These two pictures tell of the wide range of experience.

ImagephotoThe first is the amazing dinner we enjoyed at a wedding on Lake George in Upstate NY.  It was an evening wedding with cocktail dresses and dark suits for the guys.  We ate, danced, connected with family, and enjoyed an extended date (+24hrs) while our children stayed with their God-parents in West Hartford, CT.  One of the low points was looking at my phone’s GPS in which it looks like traffic is clear (green highways = go), but google maps is not telling the truth.  In traveling through CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, and eventually back to RI I got tired of looking at this screen.  After the wedding in NY we returned to CT so I could preach there on Sunday meet with people on Monday and then set off on a fundraising trip on Tuesday.  It was a great trip but I am very glad to be back.  While I was on the road Hillary and the kids have been at her dad’s enjoying the lake, birthdays, and the county fair!

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