With healing in his wings

I look at this painting by Bridget Riley and think of peace despite discord. Even in the fractured blocks I see water and wind descending to cleanse.  I think of the scripture “the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings.”

In reading through my previous post, I was verbose.  It is funny when you work on something, trying to communicate and instead confuse.  So, how do I summarize by wandering, “translation” of sin?

The world is not right and each of us is a victim and perpetrator.  We cannot stop damaging ourselves or each other.  This ruin springs from rejecting God and filling his place with lesser things.  Our selfish pursuits fracture this world, offending God himself.

What is salvation then?  God takes the initiative to rescue us according to ancient promises.  Since the world went wrong it has been his purpose to set it right and does so be entering this world in Jesus Christ who is both God and man.

Jesus, unlike us, is whole in all aspects.  Jesus whole heartedly serves God and loves man, teaching a radical ethic of goodness to which only he lives up.  Yet, instead of being favored by God and man he is rejected and unjustly executed, dying a shameful death on a cross.  Yet, death is not the last word.  On the third day, Jesus then rises from the grave.

In dying and rising Jesus choses to take the place of sinful man to set him free.  When Jesus is scorned by God as he suffers on the cross, he takes upon himself our alienation and God’s just anger at us.  When he rises Jesus  demonstrates that the power of sin and death has been broken.  Those who believe Jesus’ diagnosis of sin and his work of salvation are freed and forgiven, by virtue of his death and resurrection.  Furthermore, the inner ruin of sin is healed through the presence of the Holy Spirit, God himself, whom Jesus sends to live in the heart.  Instead of destroying ourselves, each other, and this world we are befriended by God and his restoring hand touches every area of life conforming us to the high ethic Jesus himself instituted.

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