Praying for us in January

ChurchOur Overall Status:  Regrouping and Grateful

Moving is always a little disorienting, especially so in the abbreviated timeframe we were working with, but it came together very well.  We are mostly unpacked in our new place  and thankful to be here.  We clearly see God’s kindness in bringing together all the details and in bringing so many people along to help us.  We’re starting to feel settled in our place and are now working to pull together the different pieces like family time, grocery shopping, preschool, chores, our budget, cell phone plans, library cards, working out, and all the other things that make up life in a new place.

Give Thanks to God:
-Our moved happened safely with the various stages and time frames coming together.  We were dependent on many for their help and God brought just the right people we needed.

-Jarrett had the privilege of preaching the past two Sundays at Trinity as well as starting a Christian education class yesterday.  God was at work through these and it was a wonderful way to begin his ministry here.

-The kids are adjusting well to the new place.  Sharing a room has been a little challenging at bedtime, and they are on edge more than usual, but Wesley and Briana are handling a lot of new things.

-We continue to experience the love of Christ through his church.  We are meant to bear one another’s burdens and so many have been doing this with us.

Pray for us:

We want, and need, to grow in faith.  Pray that we would have a deeper understanding of all that is ours in Christ and ardently seek him.

-Ask God to deepen and strengthen our marriage.  The past year or so has been wearing on us and we want to invest extra time and energy in our relationship.

-Ask God to lead us in establishing healthy rhythms for the time we’re in RI and beyond.   We desire a ministry that lasts and know that personal health is essential to serve with endurance.

-Pray that God would connect us to the people who will help us discern where we should begin a church.  In deciding where we’ll land we need prayer and will follow up with some more specific requests.

-Ask God to quickly bring a renter for our house in West Hartford.  We just completed a lot of little projects, touch ups, and cleaning so the place looks great.

-Pray that our children would continue to adjust to life here, especially when it comes to their sleep.

-Ask God to continue blessing our fundraising efforts.  We still need to raise about $14,000 for this year and to establish contacts for funding down the road.  Pray for Jarrett’s trip through the mid-atlantic Jan 20-26 as he seeks to broaden his contacts and connect with supporters.

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