New race, new rhythms**

Wasatch 100mi Endurance Run

The big thing on my mind is starting well.  Here’s two verses from the Apostle Paul to the Ephesians, “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.”  Ministry is both a race (maybe a marathon or ultramarathon) and a journey.  Regardless of the metaphor your stride, your pace, and your consistency have important repercussions.  The interesting thing is that miscalculations usually reveal themselves further along.  If you’re running a little too fast you don’t feel it in the first mile, but further down the road your endurance suffers.  So, this section from Ephesians powerfully resonates with my desires to begin, and continue well.  Here are some of the different rhythms I am grappling with…
-When should I work?  In at the office by 7:30 regularly or flex certain days so I have time in the mornings with kids, or keep evenings open so I’m there for bedtime, or work at night after the kids are down?
-How much time should I try to spend with people?  It is really my initiative.
-What sort of reading and study should I prioritize and where does it fit in my schedule?
-What rhythms do I want to establish for prayer?  There are daily emphases, praying weekly with others, a monthly prayer retreat?
-When should I work out?
Maybe I’m over thinking matters, but having rhythms in place helps me use my time for the best ends.  In ministry there are a million good things you can do, but you can do “good things” all day and never accomplish the specific things God is calling you to do.

 Beyond my questions that primarily center around work.  Hillary is trying to figure it out with the kids.  We’ve got preschool twice a week and a bible study that Hillary hopes to attend.  She’s looking for things to do outside the house, libraries with a good children’s section, a place to exercise, and time to work on a few projects.

**It is really interesting to look back on this as we have now moved to Worcester and are going through the process of establishing rhythms again.

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