View of Providence from my OfficeWell, it has been a bit since I’ve posted.  We had a restful Christmas with my family in Philadelphia then returned to CT for a whirlwind of packing.  We arrived in Rhode Island Monday and I’ve begun my first week of work for the church planting fellowship.  If you missed the explanation behind the accelerated move, check out our December Newsletter.

 The move:  It was a move (ie. tiring and stressful at points), but went very well otherwise.  Thanks to all of you who prayed for us, helped pack, clean, care for our children, load and unload.  The first stage, began Sunday when a friend helped me get both of our cars to Providence, so I could preach at Trinity, unload my books at the office, and leave one car in RI.  It snowed almost a foot the day before, so it was an exciting drive but we made it there and back.  On Monday we started loading the truck around 7:30 and with the help of great friends had everything in there by 11:30.  Then in RI new friends from Trinity helped us unload and everything generally found a place in the apartment, but the storage unit couldn’t hold the excess.  Our travel was without incident and I got the rental truck back on time.  We celebrated New Years by going to IHOP, since we didn’t have any breakfast food at the new place.

Life in RI:  There is disorientation and excitement as we all adjust to the newness of it all.  Some of the highlights include:
-The two dogs with whom we share the main floor of our house/apartment.  The kids love “Keeper” and “JJ” and always want to go upstairs to see them.  We’re living in the basement apartment of a church member and share the first floor.  So his dogs, in the eyes of our children, are now their dogs.

-After eighteen months with most of my books boxed up in our attic, I have an office again.  It was a lot of fun to unpack and begin organizing myself.  The one funny thing about my office is that it doubles as the classroom for 2nd and 3rd graders on Sunday mornings (notice the sign on the door).  This will help me keep the clutter under control.

-We have pictures out again.  When we put our house on the market in the spring of 2011 we took all our family photos down and now that we’re in our own place it is great to have them up.  The kids have enjoyed pointing out family members and it’s been especially helpful for Hillary in feeling more settled.

-3/4 unpacked.  How did this happen so quickly?  Only because we didn’t bring much with us.  It is nice to be able to share a lot of Joe’s (the guy from whom we rent) kitchen and household goods, so we didn’t need to bring much there.

-I begin the work of church planting.  I’m not sure exactly what my work will look like but feel the privilege of being in a position where I put together the daily and weekly rhythms.  There is both excitement and a sense of responsibility as I figure out what patterns to establish that will honor God and lead to a more effective ministry.

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