A whispered goodbye

The text message pink slip

The text message pink slip

With the landscaping season winding down, work has been a little sporadic.  So this morning I’m not expecting to go in, but figure I’ll be in for tomorrow.  Then a little after 7 I hear from my boss and it looks like it is layoff time.  So in the course of fifteen minutes the next few weeks radically change.  It’s not that I was expecting to work a lot of hours, but having it disappear suddenly is a little strange.  There’s no “last day” with the co-workers or friendly send off.  And it’s not just me.  What I’m experiencing is basically what happened last year.  All of a sudden you wouldn’t see someone at work for a few days and then you’d check in on the phone, only to find out they’d be laid off.  My guess is that the industry runs this way because so many people cycle through.  Either there isn’t a relational connection or there is the expectation of being back next season.  Neither of these is true for me though.  I’ll miss the guys I work with, my role in the company, and the work (all of these to varying degrees).  This is the beginning of the end for a difficult but good season of life and I feel like I’m slipping out the back door when no one is looking.  I’ll need to think some more before I know what to make of it.


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