the privilege

One of the unexpected benefits of being laid off from my position as an assistant pastor, was the opportunity to preach much more regularly.  Now, this may not seem to make sense and in retrospect I’m not sure exactly how it worked out, but over the course of a year I probably preached twenty five times.  Preaching with such regularity was an important way in which God helped clarify his calling in my life and it helped provide for our family.
I’ve cut back quite a bit on the preaching, doing so about once a month, so I can focus more on our upcoming work with the church planting fellowship.  This sunday though, I preached at First Congregational Church of Pomfret (pictured above) and it was good for my soul.  Pastors talk about the privilege of preaching the gospel and after having a few weeks “off” from preaching it was wonderful to communicate the message of Jesus.  If Christianity is true, then it is an incredible privilege to speak on God’s behalf.
Another enriching aspect of this Sunday was the story of the church, which began in 1715.  Preaching and worshipping there, I was standing on almost three hundred years of struggle and endurance by God’s people.  It reminds me of the amazing narrative in which every Christian participates.  Lastly, as you may be able to imagine.  New England is beautiful this time of year.  It was a country drive along wooded roads and in the cool, quiet of the morning.

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