Calling – half the armor is all you need

God weaves together many strands.  Here are two more pieces that helped lead us to Providence.

Through the past year and a half of transition I’ve come across one section of The Pilgrim’s Progress on multiple occasions.  Christian, the main character in this allegory, is equipped with armor but it only covers his front and not his back.   The only way for him to remain safe is to keep moving forward.  And it is not only safety but victory and life that lie before Christian.  At many points this year we wanted to stop – stop trying to sell our house, stop looking for a job, stop trying to hear God’s voice, stop living “in between,” and much more.  But God kept prodding us, telling us of victory, of life, and of the only course of action – move forward, trusting me.

In my final year of college I was a part time youth director at a newly started church in the area.  The pastor who began and still leads the church is a dear friend who has been an incredible source of encouragement and wisdom.  When I was speaking with him about the possibility of working with Trinity as a church planting fellow, he asked, “Is God calling you to do this?”  I then told him about God’s “Yes”  he then said something along these lines, “You need to move forward.”  I had been telling him of some of the difficulties that lay before us, some of our doubts and fears, and he said, “If this is God’s calling, you need to do whatever you can to move in this direction.  All these other details matter, but ultimately the deciding factor is God’s call.  Follow him.  Take the next step.”  And then, the piece from Pilgrim’s Progress came to mind.  Life, victory, the only course lay ahead.

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