What’s in a name

The name for our website and blog originate in piece of writing from October of 2011.  We had been in transition for almost a year at that point and opportunities for the “next thing” continued to emerge and then come apart.  I remember writing the first pieces of this on the edge of a grocery bag.

We have different understandings of the edge
the point of no return.
We’ve crossed it a few times these weeks.  

But I never find a yawning chasm,
just a hidden path, deeper
into the shadow of the valley. 

This poem is part of a conversation with God where I feel like he is pushing us towards a yawning chasm.  There is no room to shift or side step only a frightening edge, but when my foot falls I do not topple but step somehow onto an unseen path.  But this path does not lead away from or around the ravine behind me, but right into it.  Thus, there is a mix of both hope and trepidation.  We hope because there is a path but we are tempted to fear because it leads downward into the valley.

Fast forward six months and we know more of the path – a church planting fellowship, Providence, RI, and then beyond.  But it is all the more clear that our path continues through the valley.   Church planting in New England is hard and we anticipate a journey that will continue to be shaped by uncertainty and suffering.  We are committed to this path and see how God is leading the way.   So we continue into the valley knowing that Jesus will be present and will work there.  In this blog we want to talk about the path in the valley, telling God’s story which is completely real yet full of hope.

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