gpc_logo_final_PMS505Since we first began to explore Worcester and possibility of planting a church here, we rejoice in all that God has done.  To find our church, Grace Presbyterian Worcester, click the logo.


Driving through Worcester Massachusetts a few years ago I remember thinking, “hmm, I wonder what is happening here?”  Now, as the the pieces make the picture, we ask again, “What is happening here?”  This time though, we are part of the answer as God leads us to begin a church in Worcester.  We did not see this coming but it has been an exciting and worthwhile adventure as God has taken hold of our imagination.  What will it be like to follow him towards ministry in the city of the seven hills?
We want to participate in God’s great work of grace and renewal in Worcester.  We hope you will catch a glimpse of the reality we see and
the future for which we hope.  If you’re curious about the name of our our website, start reading here.



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